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Insulation Foam

Type of heat protection  
             Metal sheet Standard has Double Heat Protection, which is able to reflect heat emission and protect heat transmission. Due to its structure of closed cell, It shall not induce heat, prevent moisture condensation and weather durability. Moreover, our standard is able to transmit voice well and also has neutral qualification that helps the insulator consist from acid and base. our standard contains FR and can protect ultraviolet (UV). This type of insulator has long life using more than 10 years.
Material for laminated surface

           Metal sheet Standard is laminated the surface with Matalized Film, which has the qualification of 86.33% (JIS R3106) heat reflectivity, only 0.14 heat radiation and strong surface resistance  
     • Feature and Benefits
             � Thermal Resistance
             � Sound Insulation
             � Condensation Control
             � Save Energy
             � Recovery Property � ensuring consistent thickness
             � Easy to Install
             � Nonflammable
             � Long Life Performancอม
     • Product Utility
            Our Standard has high elastic structure so that it can be installed easily with all types of construction such as roof, ceiling and wall that can assist time and budget saving. In addition, Our Standard does not irritate skin and respiratory system and also protect germ or insect. คารเก่าและใหม่
       1.Installation for Ceiling  
1.Place sheet on ceiling (place Aluminium foil upside) 2.Cut off the remaining insulation sheet to fit the ceiling
3.Seal sheet joint with Tape (aluminium foil tape) 4.Follow the above steps until full area
       2. Step by step to install insulation sheet with T-Bar ceiling tile
Clean up the area of T-Bar ceiling tile wanted to be installed.
Place glue to the back side of sheet
Place sheet firmly and neatly with the T-Bar tile.
Follow the above steps with each sheet until full area
      3.Installation under Concrete Roof  
Installation above purlin 
          Laying the insulator parallel to the fringe of the roof; first laying over the rafter and then linking with the purlin by drilling the purlin with cross-head nail and linking to Insulator and rafter. The rim of each Aluminium Foil has to be 5 cm. overlapping and then finish with roofing. 
Installation above purlin 
           First of all, we have to link the purlin to the rafter and then start laying insulator from the rim of the roof to the ridge of the roof, overlapping the rim of each Aluminium Foil 5 cm. and finish with roofing over the insulator 
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