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Stretch Wrapping Film

            Our assortment of stretch wrapping tapes is manufactured on latest machines and are carefully formulated and produced to deliver better securing ability and adhesion power. The cross-linked adhesiveness is accurate and grants internal molecular strength and elasticity. This feature does not allow any molecular distortion during succeeding operations that makes the adhesive to last longer. The quality base film makes it split resistant along the cartons center seam. Stretch wrapping films are used in following applications:  
EVA Foam Sheets   
        This closed cell EVA Foam/ PE foam can be made available in almost all pastel shades and in different thickness as required. EVA Foam/ PE Foam can also be supplied in adhesive backed form with peel of paper.

Crosslinked sheets of EVA Foam / Polyethylene foam manufactured by us has the following characteristics:
        - Closed Cell Structure
        - Low Compression Set
        - Highly resilient
        - Smooth surface
        - Available in different thickness, density, hardness, colours.
        - Inert to most of the toxic chemicals and oils.
        - Excellent thermal insulation.
        - Available in laminated, die-cut, embossed, thermoformed, skieved and slitted form  

            1) Air-conditioning pipe insulation is a flexible, EPE foaming thermal insulation pipe
            2) The most popular type of insulation used for household and auto air-conditioning series.
            3) Retards heat loss and excellent thermal properties promote energy conservation
            4) Polyethylene foam sheet (pearl cotton), is a kind of new-type packaging materials
            5) EPE Foam with the features of damp proof, shock proofing, sound insulation, heat preservation and good plasticity
            6) It is an ideal substitute of traditional packaging materials
            7) Used as packing lining of electronic and other fragile, high-grade products during conveyance
            8) EPE Foam with the width up to 1,200mm and thickness more than 1mm
            9)Ideal for packaging or shipping
EPE Foam Fabricated  

           Our expanded polyethylene foam and extruded polyethylene foam are acknowledged for their unparalleled quality. We manufacture precious packaging product called Polyethylene Foam by using latest technology. These find their application in Packaging, Automobile, Construction, Insulation, Marine, Sports and many more. The salient features are enlisted below:


           • Cushioning and shock absorption property
           • Thermal insulation
           • Flexibility and resilience
           • Cfc free and Water moisture resistance
           • Easy to fabricate and light weight
           • Non cross linked, extruded, expanded cellular Polyethylene Foam
           • Manufactured from low density Polyethylene (LDPE) as base material with blowing agent LPG, which are quite eco-friendly.


            Shock absorption & Cushioning
            Recyclable
            Can be fabricated into different shape
            Fit on all shapes of products
            Anti-static capability
            Light weight
            Durable, unlike EPS
            Low tooling cost  
EPE packing examples

            LCD TV monitors
            PCBA assembly line
            Electronic product inner packaging
            Toys
            Foods
            Cameras

Plastic bag usage example:

            PCB / PCBA
            Electronic components
            Hard drive
            Military products
            Medical products
            Power management controller  
Product Other   
Air Bubble Film Roll  
             Our company manufactures and supply air bubble film roll, bags and covers for packaging purposes. These air bubble films are made of two layers of low density polyethylene (LDPE) sheets. These two layers are helpful in giving better cushioning by entrapping air in between. This further enables the safety and protection of products against dents and scratching in transit and internal movements. The bags and covers in this range are made in similar fashion that gives maximum protection while packaged consignments move from one place toanother. The rolls are available in varying widths of 1.0meter / 1.5 meter / 2.0meter in GSM ranging from 40GSM (200 Gauge) to 140 GSM (600 Gauge). The offered product is available with a standard length of 100 meters.
Our products in this range find their applications in packaging of following products:

             • Electronic & Electrical appliances
             • Glassware, Ceramic products
             • Furniture & Handicrafts product
             • Scientific instruments
             • Engineering & Automobile spare parts
             • Powder Coated / shinning surface products

The air bubble products are provided in customized forms as well. Our offered customized solutions are available as:

             • Air bubble pouch / bag / cut piece
             • Air bubble box type bag
             • Various laminated grade with aluminum foil / EPE foam / LDPE film
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